What is One Slovak Family About?

  1. Over the past 150 years, Slovakia has seen a greater portion of its citizens emigrate to new lives abroad than almost any other country.

  2. Given that history, there are a lot of “hyphenated” Slovaks around the world – in America, Canada, Australia and many many other countries around the globe.

  3. Most other countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland, Italy, to name but a few) make it relatively easy for the descendants of emigrants to come home, to gain citizenship once again in the homeland.

  4. Today, however, Slovakia is sadly not one of them. Slovakia makes it needlessly hard for her sons and daughters to come home.

  5. Because of this, we believe Slovakia is losing a lot of economic growth and cross-fertilization of ideas.

  6. Fortunately, a new law is being considered in Parliament as of March 2021. It would make it easier for descendants to recover their ancestral birthright: Slovak citizenship.  But the legislation could use some improvements so that it really benefits Slovaks and Slovakia today.

  7. So many Slovaks Abroad we have spoken to have expressed their sincere desire to have a way to come home to Slovakia in a way that benefits the country and the descendants.  Their stories are both moving and inspirational. We urge you to read them.

  8. Very few if any objections have been raised against liberalizing citizenship for descendants.  That may be because so many of Slovakia’s neighbours have already changed their own laws to make it easier for descendants to receive citizenship in their homeland.

  9. We hope you will take this opportunity to learn about the new draft law and consider the ways we might make it even more friendly towards Slovaks Abroad who wish to regain Slovak Citizenship?

  10. What sort of process would you like to see? Let us know!